Alpha and beta diversity of butterflies, geometrid moths, leafhoppers, frogs and birds along a complete rainforest altitudinal gradient

We are surveying communities of butterflies (transect method), geometrid moths (light trapping), leafhoppers and planthoppers (sweeping, light trapping), frogs (night surveys) and birds (point counts, transects and mist netting) at eight sites long a complete primary rainforest transect on the slopes of Papua new Guinea’s highest mountain, Mt. Wilhelm. The sites are separated by 500 altitudinal m, from lowland forests at 200 m asl. to the timberline at 3,700 m asl.

Principal Investigators:

Chris Dahl, Legi Sam, Francesca Dem, Pagi Toko, Katerina Tvardikova

Photo gallery:

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