Doing research and documenting the research findings of biodiversity in Papua New Guinea is one of the major activities that we are doing here at our Centre (New Guinea Binatang Research Centre). 

Documenting biodiversity in Papua New Guinea is one of the core activities of the Center. We recognise that biological research is an important prerequisite for preserving and wisely exploiting the wealth of biodiversity in the country.

New Guinea is home to exceptionally high biological diversity, with many species restricted to this island. It is beyond dispute that one of the priorities of research in New Guinea is documenting this high biodiversity.

Our Center demonstrates that joint effort of parabiologists, students and researchers could be one strategy to quickly inventory the biodiversity in tropical countries, such as PNG, using local expertise. Our Center is particularly active in large-scale surveys of plant-insects food webs in the forests of Papua New Guinea while some of our studies also focus on vertebrates.

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