Educational leaflets

These are leaflets created by the paraecologists and students mostly for village schools and also for general 
public interested in environment. They are written in Tok Pisin (Melanesian Pidgin) or English. 
They can be obtained below as pdf files or sent by the Center upon request.

Grassroots educational materials authored by paraecologists and students
Birds of Wanang [ pdf file ]
Wanang Conservation Booklet [ pdf file ]

Legi, S., Pagi, T., Dem, F., Dahl, C., Kimbeng, F., Herman, B., Gibson, A., Kiatik, I. Baisen, 
           I. & Tvardikova, K. (2010) Kain kain animol (binatang, rok rok na pisin) long 
           Mt Wilhelm maunten. 51 pp. [ pdf file ]
Andreas, M. (2002) We have remarkable insects that other countries do not have! 
           [ pdf file ]
Andreas, M. (2002) Tripela Papua Niugini man long yia 1999 Oktoba i lukluk raun long 
           America. COMPARATION!! (Three Papua New Guineans visited America in 1999: 
           COMPARISON!! [ pdf file ]
Andreas, M. (2003) Binatang em spesol. (Protect insects) [ pdf file ]
Andreas, M. (2003) Orchids: Lukim wanem spesol long lukautim bus?  [ pdf file ]
Andreas, M. (2003) Tuna tin fish factory in Madang: Yu laikim wanem kain divelopmen? 
           [ pdf file ]
Andreas, M. & Bito, D. (2004) Wamangu (E. Sepik) tradition: pasin bilong stretim hevi. 
           [ pdf file ]
Bito, D. (2003) Ol kainkain snek bilong stik masis diwai. (Diversity of caterpillars feeding on 
           Spathodea campanulata tree) [ pdf file 1.3 MB ]
Boen, W. (2002) Stori bilong bataplai (About the Butterfies) [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2002) Olsem wanem dispela ol samting I wok long lus? (How is all this disappearing?) 
           [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2002) Save Papua New Guinean tropical rainforest - species too [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2002) Maining i save kamapim bikpela distraksen tru long ol resorses bilong yumi 
           (Mining is causing vast destruction of our resources) [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2002) Coral reefs are very important [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2002) Rip em wanpela bikpela samting tru (The reef really matters) [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2002) Senisim pasin bilong kisim pis (Change the way you catch the fish!) 
           [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2003) Wildlife facing extinction in PNG. [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Hercules: Bikpela bataplai bilong nait (Hecules: a large moth) [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Dispela i wanem kain developmen tru. (What kind of development?) 
           [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Bikpela bataplai bilong de (Bird wing) (Birdwings: giant butterflies) 
           [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Ol bataplai bilong Pikus diwai (Butterflies feeding on fig trees) [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Comparison of forests in PNG and Europe. [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) New Guinea Binatang Research Center information leaflet. [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Zoological and botanical gardens in developed countries. [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) A grassroots parataxonomist overseas. [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Ton tree (Pomentia pinnata) hosts the richest insect fauna [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Figs: the special plants for many living creatures on Earth [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Hawkmoths (Sphingidae) in Papua New Guinea [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Geometrid moths in Papua New Guinea [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Macaranga plants and moths feeding on them [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Kau Wildlife Management Area - wanpela spesol ples (Kau Wildlife 
           Management Area, a special place) [ pdf file ]
Boen, W. (2004) Light trapping moths in New Guinea rain forest [ pdf file ]
Hiuk, S. (2002) Tingting gut na lukautim bus. (Think about protecting your forests.) 
           [ pdf file ]
Hiuk, S. (2002) Bikpela kapul bilong diwai i gat longpela tel (About the Great Tree Kangaroo) 
           [ pdf file ]
Hiuk, S. (2002) Lukautim bus na grauna na wara! (Take care of the forest, of the ground, of the 
           water!) [ pdf file ]
Hiuk, S. (2002) Ol kainkain binatang bilong Papua New Guinea (Various insects of Papua New 
           Guinea) [ pdf file ]
Hiuk, S. (2002) Bilas bilong bus. Ol bataplai bilong madang Provins. (Jewels in the forest. 
           Butterflies of the Madang Province). [ pdf file ]
Hiuk, S. (2002) Ol tumbuna save bilas bipo. (Traditional ornaments of the past) 
           [ pdf file ]
Hiuk, S. (2002) Pukpuk gat biknem long kantri bilong yumi (Crocodiles make our country 
           famous). [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2002) Dispela em soim wonem kain environment (This shows what is this 
           environment like) [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2002) Why na fruits bilong mipela binatang save bagarapim? (Why do insect damage 
           our fruit?) [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2003) Yu save holim tumbana pasin bilong yu yet o nogat? 
           (Do you keep your tradition?) [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2003) Jayapura town life. [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2003) Bai yu kisim pis olsem o nogat? [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. & Auga, J. (2003) Traditional life style in Papua New Guinea. 10 pp. [ pdf file 2.9 MB ]
Kutil, R. (2004) Hao bai yumi lukautim ol bus na wara (How to concerve our forests and 
           waters) [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2004) Wanpela kain habitat i stap long USA (An interesting habitat in USA) 
           [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2004) Various habitats across the world [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2004) Lik katim anis bilong South America. (Leaf-cutter ants of South America) 
           [ pdf file ]
Kutil, R. (2004) Wanem kain wok bilong lik katim anis (Life history of leaf-cutter ants) 
           [ pdf file ]
Manaono, M. (2002) Tree Cangaroo Conservation [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2002) Yu tingim mi long bihain tu? (Will you think about me in the future?) 
           [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2002) What's these children's future gonna be like?  [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2002) Pacific leatherback turtles face extinction [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2003) Kapul bilong diwai o bilong graun? [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2003) Namba bilong trausel i go down (Turtles are disappearing) 
           [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2003) Unique biological richness in Papua New Guinea [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2003) Lip i kisim hamas de? (How long does it take for a leaf to grow?) 
           [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2003) Konsevesen em wonem samtink? (What is the meaining of 
           conservation?) [[ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2004) School drop-outs: a stori [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2004) Kainkain bataplai bilong nait long Ohu Konseversen Eria (Moth 
           diversity in Ohu Conservation Area) [ pdf file ]
Manumbor, M. (2004) Ohu Conservation Area [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2002) Gutpela yus na wok blong cicada (Useful work of Cicadas) [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2002) The rich tropical rainforest of PNG [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Wanem binatang save kaikai diwai i dai (What insects kill trees?) 
           [ pdf file 2.2 MB ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Labelling insect specimens. [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Traditional ways of cooking food in PNG. [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Vegetation types on Mt. Giluwe. [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Some bark beetles of Madang, Papua New Guinea. [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Methods of collecting insects. [ pdf file 1.4 MB ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Lukautim bus, graun, wara na olgeta ol animols. [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Kalsa em wanem samtink? [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. (2003) Insect body parts. [ pdf file ]
Mogia, M. & Boen, W. (2004) PNG valuable insects. [ pdf file ] 
Mogia, M. (2004) Rich diversity of Kau Wildlife Area. [ pdf file 4.5 MB ]

Leaflets produced by the Center displayed at our station in Madang: