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The Tropical Ecology course took place at the New Guinea Binatang Research Center in Madang and its Swire Research Station in the Wanang Conservation Area from 1st to 22nd August 2011. The participants designed and completed ten research projects on various aspects of rainforest ecology, were taught the basics of tropical ecology, visited active volcano on the Manam Island as an example for primary ecological succession, and made trips to mangroves and coral reefs around the Madang Lagoon.

Teachers and Trainees

Jan Lepš [cv] [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Vojtech Novotny [cv] [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Kipiro Damas [PNG Forest Research Institute] 
Kenneth Molem [cv] [New Guinea Binatang Research Center]


Trainees (alphabetically by institution)

Kafuri Yaro [Foundation for People & Community Development] 
Bradley Gewa [New Guinea Binatang Research Center
Joseph Valeba [New Guinea Binatang Research Center
Markus Manumbor [New Guinea Binatang Research Center
Mary Dilu [New Guinea Binatang Research Center
Salape Tulai [New Guinea Binatang Research Center
Danny Wolfried [Oceans Watch] 
Edvinah Irale [PNG Department of Environment and Conservation] 
Fredrick Ohmana [PNG Department of Environment and Conservation] 
Nigel Baro [PNG Forest Research Institute] 
Heather Taitibe [PNG Institute of Biological Research, University of PNG] 
Tania Areori [PNG Institute of Biological Research, University of PNG] 
Sharon Agovaua [PNG National Agriculture Research Institute] 
Mazzella Maniwavie [University of PNG] 
Dan Leština [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Eliška Vicherová [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Ilona Černá [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Ivana Matějíčková [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Jiří Richta [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Jitka Stehlíková [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Kryštof Chmel [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Markéta Aubrechtová [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Petra Ebermannová [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Vojtěch Študent [University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic] 
Absolon Paul [Wanang Conservation Area] 
Bonny Yawas [Wanang Conservation Area] 
Byron Siki [Wanang Conservation Area] 
Dominic Rinan [Wanang Conservation Area] 
Samuel Jepi [Wanang Conservation Area] 
Mellie Samson Jr. [Wildlife Conservation Society]


Research Projects

Nigel Baro, Salape Tulai & Markéta Aubrechtová: „Tumbuna save“ – Surveying knowledge of traditional uses of plants in the Wanang community. [tumbuna.pdf]

Kryštof Chmel, Samuel Jepi & Tania Areori: A Study of the Bird Population in a Primary Forest at Wanang 3 Using Canopy, Mid and Understorey Mist Nets. [birds.pdf]

Danny Wolfried, Jiří Richta & Mazzella Maniwavie: A study on freshwater organisms in Wanang 3 River[river.pdf]

Ivana Matějíčková, Bradley Gewa & Markus Manumbor: Comparing species richness of Geometrid moths between riverine and primary forests in Wanang 3 [light.pdf]

Byron Siki, Petra Ebermannová & Fredrick Ohmana: Composition of Trees and Undergrowth in the Primary and Riverine Forest of the Proposed Wanang
Conservation Area [botany.pdf]

Sharon Agovaua, Joseph Valeba & Vojtěch Študent: Effectiveness of ant protection on myrmecophytic trees [endola.pdf]

Dan Leština, Dominic Rinan & Heather Taitibe: River Butterflies: River Effect as Important Phenomenon for Biodiversity in a Tropical Rainforest [butterflies.pdf]

Mary Dilu, Ilona Černá & Edvinah Irale: Sap-sucking insect community composition in Wanang 3 primary and secondary forests [sapsucking.pdf]

Jitka Stehlíková, Mellie Samson Jr. & Bonny Yawas: Species Composition of Orthoptera in Primary and Secondary Forests in Wanang 3, Madang, PNG [grasshoppers.pdf]

Kafuri Yaro, Absolon Paul & Eliška Vicherová: Species richness and seed dispersal of hardwood species in primary tropical rain
forest [seedlings.pdf]



The course included some statistics for beginners, as well as lectures on Papua New Guinea: 

Jan Leps: Introduction to biostatistics [Biostatistics.pdf]
Jan Leps: Hypotheses testing. [Hypotheses.pdf]
Jan Leps: Basic univariate statistical methods [Univariate.pdf]
Vojtech Novotny: Analysis of ecological communities [Communities.pdf]
Vojtech Novotny: How to find your research topic and publish your research [ResearchMethods.pdf]
Vojtech Novotny: Permanent plant plots in rainforest research [PlantPlots.pdf]
Vojtech Novotny: Primary ecological succession [PrimarySuccession.pdf]
Vojtech Novotny: How New Guineans came to New Guinea [NGcolonization.pdf]
Vojtech Novotny: Cultural diversity in Papua New Guinea [CulturalDiversity.pdf]
Vojtech Novotny: Kuru: an interesting New Guinean disease [Kuru.pdf]

Guest lecture:
Johnathon Fankhauser: Hidden diversity of endophytic fungi in the leaves of
tropical trees.



University of South Bohemia (Czech participants) 
Christensen Foundation (PNG participants)

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