Martin Mogia


The New Guinea Binatang Research Center Ltd., Papua New Guinea
P. O. Box 604, Madang, Papua New Guinea
Phone/Fax +675 423 3258, e-mail:

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Professional Appointments

Sangamanga Environment and Culture Preservation, Mu Village, Chimbu, 1999-2001

The New Guinea Binatang Research Center, Madang:

Paraecologist 2001-2009

Zoology Team Leader 2009-2015

Wanang Team Leader 2015-present

Research Expertise and Experience

Biodiversity surveys using insects as indicator taxa, insect and plant collecting, mounting and labelling, insect morphotyping, curation of insect collections, insect rearing, field ecological experiments, databasing and data management, digital and classic macrophotography, image processing.

Specialization: bark beetles.

Research Projects

Host specificity and species richness of bark-beetles (Scolytidae) (2002-present)

Study of species diversity and host specificity of leaf-chewing insects in rainforests (2001-present)

Biodiversity surveys of Lepidoptera (2001-present)

Caterpillars feeding on Ficus spp. in Chimbu Province (2001-2004)

Beta diversity of herbivorous insects in New Guinea (2001-2005)

Biodiversity Surveys Lepidoptera surveys in Sandaun, East Sepik and Madang Provinces, 2001-2005

Insect survey in Ramu river floodplains, 10 months in the field, 2005-2007

Educational activities

Environmental presentations in schools.

Environmental presentations to grassroots community groups and advising community-managed conservation areas.


Science and Technology in Developing Countries: Emerging Trends in the New Millenium, University of Goroka, Goroka, Papua New Guinea, Sept 12-14, 2001.

5th New Guinea Biological Conference, Goroka, Papua New Guinea, 2003: oral presentation on Host specificity of bark beetles was awarded prize for the best presentation at the conference New Guinea Biological Conference, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 2006: oral presentation What generated diversity of bark and ambrosia beetles?

Professional travel

USA (University of Minnesota), Panama (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute), UK (National Museum of Wales, Kew Gardens, University of Sussex), Czech Republic (Czech Academy of Sciences)


Molem, K., Mogia, M., Kutil, R. & Auga, J. (2001) Scientific and traditional taxonomies of rainforest plants. In Proc. of the 'Science and Technology in Developing Countries: Emerging Trends in the New Millenium' Conference, University of Goroka, Goroka, Sept 12-14, 2001, p. 19.

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Acknowledgements in Publications

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Educational leaflets

Martin Mogia: Gutpela yus na wok blong cicada (Useful work of Cicadas) [ pdf file 105 kB ]

Martin Mogia: The rich tropical rainforest of PNG [ pdf file 164 kB ]

Martin Mogia: Entomology

Martin Mogia: The Forest

Martin Mogia: Beetles

Martin Mogia: Dom kumul (Education, environment and the perspectives of young generation)

Insect Species

Ambrosiophilus mogia Hulcr & Cognato 2012

New species of bark beetle from Papua New Guinea named after mein 2012.
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Tabaresine language (native), English, Melanesian Pidgin

Canopy climbing class at Danum Valley station in Borneo
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A meeting with a rather large insect
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Presentation on bark beetle host specificity at New Guinea Biological Conference wan an award for the best presentation
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Receiving a canopy climbing certicifate from the Global Canopy Programme director Dr Mitchell
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Preparing timber sample for rearing bark beetles
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