Welcome to my webpage

I am a theoretical ecologist, with general interest in population-level and community-level implications (including ecological, epidemiological and evolutionary) of processes operating at the level of individual organisms, and in disclosure of mechanisms responsible for the emerging patterns. The tools I use to address these issues include mathematical models of any sort, ranging from deterministic population models defined by ordinary differential or difference equations up to stochastic and highly flexible individual-based (equivalent to agent-based) models.

More specifically, my current research interests include understanding dynamics of populations that face one or more Allee effects, exploration of various ecological interactions from two-sex perspective, and investigation of how infectious diseases regulate animal populations and can be used to cope with pests. I am also involved in a couple of applied projects, including development of a large-scale model of a temperate mountain spruce-dominated forest and application of population ecology to strategies for eradicating invasive forest insects (NCEAS Working group).